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Emergency Personnel

Within the STLCOP emergency management program, there are different roles employees may assume in times of crisis. These individuals are familiar with their assignments and have received the proper training to take appropriate action to protect students, faculty and staff when necessary.

The following is a brief description of each emergency role and team, its scope and purpose and how it fits into the overall framework.

Building Emergency Coordinator

Each campus facility has a designated Building Emergency Coordinator (BEC) who serves as the lead contact for all emergency management activities and helps implement the Building Emergency Action Plan when necessary. During evacuation and severe weather incidents, they will account for building occupants in the assembly areas and report information to Emergency Management or Public Safety.

Floor Leader

Along with a BEC, each campus building also has at least two Floor Leaders on each floor to support emergency activities and assist with exiting or relocating to a safe refuge area. These personnel will check rooms, assist any mobility-impaired occupants, report observed damage and other hazards to the BEC, and help account for occupants in the assembly areas.

Emergency Management Operations Group

The Emergency Management Operations Group (EMOG) is comprised of staff and faculty representing various departments across the College who provide multi-disciplinary guidance for the emergency management program. The normal functions of the EMOG include reviewing and revising plans, approving our Hazard Vulnerability Assessment annually, exercise/drill development and evaluation, and establishing workgroups to address more complex issues.

In the event of an emergency impacting STLCOP, they will assemble in the Emergency Operations Center to make decisions, allocate resources and carry out assignments in accordance to NIMS to provide the most efficient response and recovery possible.

Emergency Management Executive Group

The Emergency Management Executive Group (EMEG) is the administrative decision-making body for STLCOP’s emergency management program. They are activated during significant emergencies to address high-level policy issues that may confront the College.

The scope of the EMEG includes policy decisions, fiscal authorizations, strategic prioritization, conflict resolution and organizational direction for recovery and restoration of services.

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