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Research and Scholarly Activity Committee

The Research and Scholarly Activity Committee is the faculty committee charged with strengthening STLCOP’s research program and leadership in pharmacy practice, the basic and pharmaceutical sciences, and liberal arts and administrative sciences.

Formed in 2009, the committee strives to maintain an environment that values and promotes scholarly and research activity. Committee members review faculty research proposals, allocate funding, and work to disseminate research results. Its mission includes supporting student research skills, encouraging students to ask questions—and seek answers—about vital pharmacy and health issues. Specifically, the committee sponsors the following events to share health care ideas and information.

  • Research seminars. Faculty from each academic division give presentations throughout the academic year. Recent research seminars include:
    • Peter Hurd, professor of pharmacy administration. "Undergraduate Research – STLCOP 2012."
    • Jasna Marjanovic, assistant professor of pharmacology. "The Role of Inositol Metabolites in Platelet Functions."
    • John Beale, professor of medicinal chemistry. "Structural Bioinformatics and New Drug Discovery."
    • Chaya Gopalan, associate professor of physiology. "Effect of testosterone on the expression of estrogen receptors in the female rat brain."
    • Tom Zlatic, professor of English. "Media Ecology: Effects of Communications Technology on Human Consciousness."
    • Jasmina Profirovic, assistant professor of pharmacology. "A novel regulator of angiogenesis in endothelial cells: 5-hydroxytriptamine 4 receptor."
    • Noha Salama, assistant professor of pharmaceutics. "The role of efflux transporters in drug disposition."
    • Gloria Grice, associate professor of pharmacy practice and associate director of experiential programs, and Theresa Prosser, STLCOP professor of pharmacy practice. "Validating an assessment tool: the PaCT."
    • Brenda Walter, assistant professor of history. "Melancholic flesh: The bodies of old monsters from medieval medicine to the horror film."
  • Annual Student Research Symposium. Organized and financed by the RSAC and the Gateway College of Clinical Pharmacy chapter of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy at STLCOP, the symposium features posters and presentations featuring a wide array of student research interests. Each year, about 20 students present their findings on topics ranging from the safety of new anticoagulants after hip and knee replacements to a study on the reasons people turn to alternative health treatments.

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