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STLCOP Institutional Review Board

The St. Louis College of Pharmacy Institutional Review Board ensures that all College research respects the rights and welfare of any human subjects. In other words, the Institutional Review Board (IRB) is an ethics committee, dedicated to protecting STLCOP research subjects from possible psychological or physical harm. It’s a 14-member board, including College faculty members as well as a non-researching community member. Its scope covers the entire College—students, faculty, or staff members.

We are strict in our interpretations of federal IRB mandates. We define “research” as any systematic investigation that aims to develop or contribute to our society’s general body of knowledge. And “involving” human subjects includes interviewing or interacting with research subjects as well as simply obtaining identifiable private information. So whether a researcher wants to survey and report the attitudes of STLCOP students or examine possible new medications, our IRB members review the research proposal beforehand and keep tabs on the project while it’s under way.

All STLCOP researchers must be familiar with the procedures in our College’s IRB manual. See the links below for information on specific policies.

Please contact IRB Chair Peter Hurd at peter.hurd@stlcop.edu for more information.

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