Selected Publications, Reports, and Presentations

Recent Publications and Reports

  • “The effect of APOE 4 allele on cholinesterase inhibitors in patients with Alzheimer’s disease: Evaluation of the feasibility of resting state functional connectivity magnetic resonance imaging” Liang Wang MD, Jonathan Day, Catherine M. Roe PhD, Matthew R. Brier BS, Jewell B. Thomas BA, Tammie L. Benzinger MD, PhD,  John C. Morris MD, and Beau M. Ances MD, PhD (2014).  Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease & Associated Disorders: An International Journal; 28(2):122-127.
  • "Thyroid Medication Use and Subsequent Development of Dementia of the Alzheimer Type” Patrick Harper and Catherine Roe (2010).  Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry and Neurology; 23(1):63-69.