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Leslie Daniel Griffin, Class of 2018

Leslie Daniel Griffin is a member of the class of 2018. His hometown is Honolulu, Hawaii.

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What first drew you to the profession of pharmacy?

What first drew me to the profession of pharmacy was the interactions pharmacists would have with physicians, patients and the medical staff in general. They seemed to love their job and had a lot of freedom. In pharmacy, you have a lot of options. I figured, during my time in school, I would be exposed to a bunch of different areas and branches of pharmacy.

What are the benefits of a smaller student body?

There’s a lot of support, and I think it’s helpful that everyone is doing the same thing. When you talk to people, everyone can kind of relate to you and your experience. You’re bound to run into people three or four times a day. Eventually, you’re going to get to know everyone and see everybody, and I think there is a lot of support that comes from that.

What is your favorite part about STLCOP?

There’s a lot of opportunity here. You just have to reach out and take advantage of that. Being such a focused school with a small student body allows you to get into different areas that you wouldn’t have gotten into otherwise. Because everyone is doing pharmacy, you need people to fill in those different niches, and I think you end up becoming very well-rounded overall. You have a little bit of fraternal involvement; you have some professional involvement, and overall, it allows people to grow and expand in different ways.

What is your favorite part about pharmacy?

I like having the freedom to choose, and I think with pharmacy there are a lot of different avenues you can go into, be that industry, or retail or clinical. Pharmacy is one of the top most trusted health care professions. I think in the community setting you really become a part of people’s lives, and they trust you. You play a vital role in keeping people healthy and happy, and it goes a really long way.

What drew you to STLCOP?

STLCOP’s location in the Central West End and the surrounding medical complex was a big draw for me. The area really allows you to interact with a lot of different health care professionals, which helps you to be more competitive in the medical community.

What advice would you give to incoming or prospective students?

Hit the ground running. Be organized, use a calendar and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. Getting involved in different organizations on campus has kept me current and relevant with a lot of changes in pharmacy. It’s helped me have an impact in the community by being able to attend chronic kidney disease events and things of that nature. It’s helped me refine my skills in pharmacy.

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