Meet Our Future Pharmacists

STLCOP students don’t fit a particular mold. Our student body is diverse yet bound together by a common desire to pursue a career in pharmacy.

Get to Know Current Students

Moleigh Carson, Class of 2021Name: Moleigh Carson
Class Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Oak Lawn, Illinois

Why I want to be a pharmacist:

I’ve always been interested in health care, but it wasn’t until high school that I realized pharmacy would be the best option for me. I find it so interesting how things work inside the body and how medications can affect so many things. I’ve thought a lot about going into research-based work, looking at different diseases to figure out how to control them or find a vaccine.

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Fahad Al-Dhahri, Class of 2016

Name: Fahad Al-Dhahri
Class Year: Professional year four (P4)
Home County: Saudi Arabia

The Path to STLCOP:

I already had a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy degree from King Saud University and a master’s degree in medical education from King Said bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences. But it’s good to get the Pharm.D. in the U.S., so I left my position as supervisor of an inpatient pharmacy at a government-run hospital to attend STLCOP in January 2013. I had applied for a matching program at King Abdulaziz Medical City in Saudi Arabia. In the program, select students apply to one of three pharmacy schools in the U.S., and it’s coordinated by the American College of Clinical Pharmacy. I made it through the screening process and was paired up with STLCOP.

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Wendy Andrade, Class of 2019Name: Wendy Andrade
Class Year: 
Professional year one (P1)
Aurora, Illinois

What activities/organizations you are involved with at STLCOP:

I am a member of the Student Alumni Association. Since freshman year I became involved in Student Body Union Programming and became secretary I then helped transition into what we are now known as Campus Activity Board in which I currently hold the position of Executive Vice President. I also became a member of Kappa Epsilon Fraternity.

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Tizah Anjeh

Name: Tizah Anjeh
Class Year: Professional year two (P2)
Hometown: Born in Cameroon, Africa as a U.S. citizen of an American mother and African father

Why I wanted to be a pharmacist:

After five years at Pfizer as a senior research chemist, I started thinking about pharmacy school as I dodged layoff after layoff. I knew my background in chemistry (including master’s and doctoral degrees in organic chemistry from The Johns Hopkins University) would be able to see me through a pharmacy program, and I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel. I wanted to go somewhere where I could still use what I know and do something different.

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Kacie Kuehn

Name: Kacie Kuehn
Hometown: Bridgeton, Missouri
Class Year: Class of 2016 (P4)

Advice for incoming students:

Learn how to use your time wisely – set aside plenty of time to study but make sure you leave time for relaxing and investing in hobbies outside of school.  No one can focus solely on school all the time for 6-7 years.  Become a well-rounded person so you can be a well-rounded pharmacist.

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Emily Nickels

Name: Emily Nickels
Class Year: Professional year two (P2)
Hometown: Marion, Arkansas

Why I wanted to be a pharmacist:

I have cystic fibrosis (CF), and I decided in the sixth grade that I wanted a career in the medical field. I knew I wanted to learn about medicine and how it affects me, and to see if I might be able to help others with cystic fibrosis.

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Jessica Kowalski

Name: Jessica Kowalski
Hometown: Swansea, Illinois
Class Year: Professional year two (P2)

Favorite class:

So far, by far, my favorite course had been Pathophysiology. It has been the course that I felt has been not only the most interesting, but the most important pertaining to my future career. My favorite lab has been the Pharmaceutics Compounding Lab. It is also like being a mad scientist making different forms of medications like suppositories, solutions, suspension, capsules, and ointments. The emulsion was my favorite.

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