Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the diploma dimensions?

Doctor of Pharmacy and Bachelor of Science diplomas measure 8.5 x 11 inches.


What is the fee for the cap, gown, announcements and diploma?

A commencement fee was included in your fall bill. The fee takes care of your cap, gown, diploma, tassel, hood (Pharm.D. only). There will be no additional cost for your regalia.

If you wish to purchase announcements or other merchandise, you may order them through the College's Josten's store.


Where do I order my cap, gown, and hood?

Detailed instructions coming soon!

What is the deadline to order my cap, gown, and hood?

The deadline to order is March 31, 2019. This allows times to process the orders and ship to our bookstore.

Where do I pick up my cap, gown and hood?

Details coming soon!

Commencement Day

What time should I arrive and where do I go once I’m at Stifel Theatre?

Graduates should arrive at the Peabody by 12:30 p.m. Please enter at the west entrance on Market and 15th.

Make sure your cap, gown, and tassel are with you. We will not have extras.

What time should guests arrive?

The main doors of the Peabody and the auditorium will open for guests at 12:30 p.m.

Where do I park?

View a map of parking lot options near the Peabody Opera House.


Is it a requirement that I participate in the ceremony?

Yes, unless the Office of the Registrar has received a written waiver from Dean Canaday.

What is the cumulative grade point average needed to receive honors?

Honors are awarded as follows:

  • 3.20-3.49 Cum Laude (with honors)
  • 3.50-3.69 Magna cum Laude (with high honors)
  • 3.70-4.00 Summa cum Laude (with highest honors)

Where and when do I get my board applications and honor medals?

Board applications and honor medals will be available starting at the end of April. Detailed instruction coming soon!

When is graduation rehearsal and is it mandatory?

Attendance at the Pharm.D. rehearsal is mandatory. There will be two rehearsals in May - one during NAPLEX review and one before the Graduate Recognition Reception on Friday, May 10. More details coming soon.

What is the Graduate Reception Ceremony?

The Graduate Reception Ceremony is for the Pharm.D. graduates and has traditionally been held after graduation rehearsal. Family and friends are welcome to attend this event where we will have a dessert reception, band and a short ceremony led by Dr. Pieper.