Student Organizations

Our students bring a diverse array of interests and skills to our campus, and STLCOP offers more than 65 student organizations designed to provide social, professional, and service opportunities to enhance those interests and enrich students’ lives and education.

Developing yourself outside of the classroom might be one of the most significant and important opportunities you will have as a student. Learning and emerging as an engaged community member is a process that takes knowledge, skills, and practice and it requires you to be intentional in how you use your talents.

With so many choices, you’re sure to find a group–or several–that will make your time at STLCOP even more fulfilling and fun.

  • Student Governance: The governing body of STLCOP students, giving you a voice in policy decisions and facilitating student involvement on administrative and faculty committees.
  • SPA Professional Student Organizations: Includes the Student Pharmacists Association and other affiliated organizations that help students access opportunities and resources for leadership and professional development.
  • Other Professional Organizations: Organizations that provide opportunities to become a well-rounded leader in pharmacy and in the community. Not affiliated with the Student Pharmacists Association.
  • Fraternities: STLCOP is home to seven fraternities that include both male and female students as members. Fraternites provide students with opportunities to develop leadership skills and engage in service and outreach.
  • Cultural and Interest-Based Organizations: Allow students to gather for a wide variety of activities such as dance, debate, table tennis and video gaming. 

Learn more about student organizations and opportunities to get involved on campus.

Student Organization Resources

Detailed information on student organizations and policies for current students on MySTLCOP. For more information or questions, please contact Andrea Guimaraes, director of student development and engagement, at