Student Government Association

About the SGA

The objective of the Student Government Association (SGA) is to serve as a liaison among the student body, faculty, staff, and administration. Its purpose is to promote, through valid and legitimate reasoning, the will of the student body; to initiate such activities as are deemed necessary to fulfill the social and professional needs of the students of this College; and to ensure a system of student governance, and perpetuation of the SGA.

Advisors: Dr. Brenda Walter, Dr. Sara Richter, Dr. Dana Morrone, Andrea Guimaraes


Campus Activity Board

The purpose of the Campus Activity Board (CAB) is to allow interested students to be directly involved in developing, planning, and presenting social and educational programming on campus. CAB events reinforce the community on campus, while also giving students the opportunity to explore the St. Louis region. CAB members work closely with student affairs staff in promoting a more active and vibrant campus life. CAB is an open membership division of the SGA.

Advisors: Dr. Jean Escudero, Maryam Ouechani