Performing Arts

Although STLCOP students are busy learning the art and science of pharmacy, you won’t have to give up a love of performing. In fact, whether you are a musician, thespian, or audience member, the STLCOP community is fortunate to have a strong performing arts program for you to enjoy.

Our students produce at least two theatrical productions and two musical performances each year. Faculty, staff, students and friends look forward to our fall drama, spring musical, variety show, and choral concerts. So bring your stage makeup and musical instrument along when you become part of the STLCOP family.

  • Theater classes are available as part of the STLCOP curriculum. Literary Genres: Drama, Introduction to Theatre and Film, and the Art of Film are among the courses offered.
  • The Royal Chorale is a performing and touring group that presents up to five performances each semester. Participation also fulfills a fine arts credit toward graduation.
  • STLCOP theatrical productions are staged in Whelpley Auditorium on the STLCOP campus and generally run for three performances. Admission is free for all STLCOP students, faculty, and staff.

Take the Stage

Auditions for theatrical and musical performances are open to all STLCOP students. Notices of upcoming auditions are announced via email and other campus communication outlets. Those interested in being part of the backstage crew—technical lighting and sound, set design and build, costume design and makeup application—should contact Tim Moylan, our director of theater programs,

And don’t forget, as a STLCOP student, you’ll be living close to some of St. Louis’ most vibrant performing arts venues, including the Fox Theater, the Muny, and the St. Louis Actors’ Studio. STLCOP also collaborates with the St. Louis Symphony, enhancing our music curriculum by providing faculty, staff, and student groups with access to symphony resources. Students have the chance to participate in on-stage symphony events at Powell Hall and receive discounted ticket prices. In addition, on-campus chamber concerts are part of the College’s liberal arts convocations program.