Research and Global Initiatives

Help foster cutting-edge research discoveries and interprofessional patient-centered care. Our goal is to promote the profession by forming partnerships that bring key stakeholders together.

Our research initiatives and partnerships will raise the stature of the College, continuing our history of innovation and giving us a stronger voice in the broader health care conversation to advocate for pharmacists.

The goal of strengthening our program to provide an innovative and enriching curriculum is an important component of this campaign. Our academic departments and innovative new curriculum allow our students to capitalize on their strengths and explore different areas of pharmacy through experiential learning.

With your support, we will enrich research opportunities for students and faculty and provide a significant resource that will benefit regional institutions and the global community.

Your donation will help support:

  • Academic departments supporting our innovative curriculum
  • Hands-on, experiential learning opportunities
  • Research initiatives

Learn more about our campaign initiatives below, or download the campaign brochure.

St. Louis Center for Clinical Pharmacology

St. Louis Center for Clinical Pharmacology

The Center for Clinical Pharmacology will bring together resources and researchers to engage in patient-focused inquiry. While contributing to the deep understanding of the mechanisms of action of drugs, researchers at the center will identify strategies for the development and application of new treatment paradigms.

Through the study of pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, pharmacogenetics, pharmacometrics, drug development, and drug regulation, work at the center will generate knowledge through which health care professionals will provide patients with the most appropriate, cost-effective, personalized diagnostic and treatment options.

The academic opportunities available to faculty, researchers, and students will also ensure that patients benefit from the development of highly skilled and specialized professionals to manage their acute or chronic illnesses.

Center for Health Outcomes Research and Education

Center for Health Outcomes Research and Education

With the intention of creating research-oriented partnerships with local institutions and other community organizations, St. Louis College of Pharmacy has established the Center for Health Outcomes Research and Education.

The initial focus of the center is to establish research-focused partnerships and data use agreements with local health care institutions. The center will explore relationships between medication utilization and clinical outcomes and utilize findings from outcomes research to design, implement and evaluate interventions that target improved medication utilization and patient-reported outcomes that will ultimately reduce costs.

In addition, the center will work toward providing individualized training in health outcomes research through the creation of a fellowship program, further cementing the College’s role in academic pharmacy and research.

Global Outreach Programs and International Partnerships

Global Outreach Programs and International Partnerships

  • Provide opportunities for students to study abroad and engage in pharmacy practice abroad
  • Allow collaboration with leading international institutions like Trinity University in Ireland and Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in South Africa
  • Create unique, global learning opportunities