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SSRP 2019: Twelve-Stepping

New STLCOP students in the fall of 2019 will begin their formal preparations for careers in pharmacy and health care by reading and responding to Nic Sheff's best-selling 2007 memoir, Tweak

“Difficult to read and impossible to put down” (Chicago Tribune), Tweak tells the wrenching story of Nic Sheff’s addiction to methamphetamine, a years-long struggle of desperate attempts to break the drug’s hold and the still more desperate relapses that he and his family somehow survived at ever greater cost. Delving deep into the culture of addiction and the limitations and challenges of the health care resources available to addicts, Tweak works as both a street-life pharmacopeia and an unforgettable bildungsroman, Sheff’s battles with addiction offering the reader an opportunity to tread with him along a harrowing path toward enforced maturity and expansive perspective. Seattle Weekly praises Tweak as a combination of the noted poets of addiction “Bukowski and Burroughs,” while Kirkus Reviews describes it as “[f]ull of jaw-tightening and occasionally grisly scenes of shooting up, deals gone bad, guns, and sex . . . a terse, honest and spontaneous narrative.”  Together with his father, David Sheff’s, tandem memoir, Beautiful Boy, Sheff’s Tweak also helped to inspire the 2018 award-nominated movie, Beautiful Boy, starring Steve Carell and Timothée Chalamet.

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