SSRP 2018: Body Images

In fall 2018, new undergraduates will begin their studies at St. Louis College of Pharmacy by reading and responding to Bill Hayes’s 2007 book, The Anatomist.

anatomist_web.jpgIn “[p]rose both lucid and arrestingly beautiful” (Publishers Weekly), The Anatomist tells the story of Hayes’s pursuit of the elusive life and career of Henry Gray, author of Gray’s Anatomy, one of the most famous books ever written and a standard text in medical education programs even now, more than a century-and-a-half after its first edition. Combining his quest for information about Gray with his own experiences teaming with future pharmacists, occupational therapists, and physicians in traditional anatomy courses, Hayes “moves nimbly between the dour streets of Victorian London ... and the sunnier classrooms of a West Coast university ... where he enrolls in anatomy classes and discovers that ‘when done well, dissection is very pleasing aesthetically’” (New Yorker). The result is a witty, thoughtful illumination of health care’s evolving relationship with the body and with various traditions wedding the sciences to the arts and humanities; as the Washington Post put it, “All laud and honor to Hayes. In perusing the body’s 650 muscles and 206 bones, he has made the case that we are ... ‘fearfully and wonderfully made.’”

Detailed information on SSRP 2018, including instructions for students, will be distributed during Pre-Orientation!

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