The Tutoring Program is sponsored by the Success Center and is free to STLCOP students. The goal of the program is to provide additional academic support to STLCOP students in specific classes. The Tutoring Program is designed to improve the academic standing and successful retention of STLCOP students. You will find all information related to the Tutoring Program including group tutoring dates and locations on the “Success through Tutoring” site located on Moodle.

Tutoring Services

This year, STLCOP will offer three forms of tutoring support. Students may use tutoring services in any combination.

Walk-in/Group Tutoring Sessions

Students who are registered for the class can attend any group session offered. These sessions are usually held for one -two hours, once a week.

Private Tutoring Sessions

Private tutoring sessions consist of one tutor and one tutee. The sessions usually last for one hour. The time, day, and place are agreed upon by the participants.

Small Group Tutoring

Students enrolled in core courses will have the opportunity to participate in a small group tutoring session. Students will receive a link to enroll in a small group online. The group members will meet weekly with a tutor for one hour to discuss and review course information. The small group sessions will not exceed seven students per group.

Expectations of Students Being Tutored

Tutoring is most beneficial when you spend time preparing for your session. Review your notes, text, and other class materials provided by your professor, and come prepared with a list of topics with which you are struggling. Please be considerate of your tutor's time by showing up on time for your session. If you are unable to make it, please notify the tutor as soon as possible.

Contact Information

If you have questions about tutoring or need help finding a tutor, please contact:

Kimberly Hill, Assistant Director, Academic Support
2123 Residence Hall
Required Tutoring Check-In Form

In order to assess and enhance the tutoring program, it is important that we track the number of tutoring hours provided to our students. Pleas fill out the required tutoring check-in form at the beginning of each tutoring session.

Required Tutoring Check-In Form