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Program Measurements

Graduation Rate

On-time graduation rate for the class of 2017: 83%

Pharmacist Board Licensure Exams

National Pharmacy Licensing Exam (NAPLEX) Pass Rate for 2018

  • First-time pass rate: 90.66% (national average: 91.64%)
  • Second-time pass rate: 93%

Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Examination (MPJE) Pass Rate for 2018

  • First-time pass rate: 74(national average: 85%)

Pharmacy Calculations Proficiency Exam Pass Rate for 2017-2018

  • First-time pass rate: 89%

Postgraduate Training

For the upcoming 2019-20 year:

  • 65% of graduates seeking postgraduate training were matched with a PGY1 pharmacy residency program.
  • 82% of graduates completing a PGY1 residency in 2019 were matched with a PGY2 pharmacy residency program.
  • Graduates will be training in residency programs across 17 states.
  • St. Louis College of Pharmacy ranks 28th nationally in the number of candidates matched to a PGY1 residency program.

Job Placement and Employment

For the class of 2017:

  • Graduates employed in the pharmacy profession (including postgraduate education and training): 90%
  • Graduates who pursued postgraduate education or residency training: 20%
  • Graduates not employed in the pharmacy profession: 0%
  • Graduates employment status unknown: 10%

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