Fine and Liberal Arts

As future pharmacists and health care professionals, students at St. Louis College of Pharmacy benefit from a strong foundation in biological and physical sciences. For students advancing into professional or graduate study, coursework in the basic sciences provide a framework for understanding in the pharmaceutical and clinical sciences.

The curriculum also integrates liberal arts, fine arts and cultural experiences. As students learn to appreciate the complexity of the world around them, they develop an appreciation for self, life, and culture, as well as empathy and compassion for the needs of others.

Throughout the program, we focus on cultural awareness and the importance of interacting with people from diverse backgrounds. It makes our students better health care providers – and truly educated people.

Liberal Arts Convocation Series

By providing intellectually and culturally edifying experiences in the humanities and liberal arts, the Liberal Arts Convocations Series enriches the student experience at the College and complements the academic program. The series brings acclaimed authors, thought leaders, performers and programs to campus.

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Music Ensembles

Students also have opportunities to participate in choral and wind ensembles on campus. Students may also enroll in applied music lessons.

  • The Royal Chorale
  • The Concert Band
  • Pit Orchestra
  • Jazz Club

Learn more about performance opportunities on campus.

Theater Performances

Students faculty and staff perform each year in a fall play and spring musical. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to participate, whether on stage in the pit or behind the scenes.

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