How to Apply

All residency positions are filled according to the rules of the National Resident Matching Program. St. Louis College of Pharmacy utilizes the ASHP PhORCAS system for application to all of the affiliated residency programs.

The following material is required by PhORCAS for all applicants.

  • Basic Demographics: Address, phone, email, race, citizenship, military status, academic history (e.g. additional degrees or other colleges attended), college of pharmacy from which they received their pharmacy degree, GPA.
  • Verified Transcripts: One set is sent to the PhORCAS Transcripts Department; following verification, transcripts are uploaded to the candidate’s application.
  • Letter of Intent: Why the applicant wants to do a residency and specifically why your residency program.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Three References: References will be provided using the standardized reference template in PhORCAS. The system requires three references and can accept a maximum of four references. St. Louis College of Pharmacy-affiliated programs have individualized requirements for whom they would like to complete reference forms. Please review the information updated in their program description on this website or at the ASHP Residency Directory.
  • Extracurricular Information: Applicants must enter into PhORCAS extracurricular activities, awards, leadership roles, presentations, publications, work experience, and volunteer/community service, if applicable. This allows programs to sort for individuals who have completed some of these types of activities.


ASHP and NMS Directory Information

ASHP Code NMS Code
PGY1 Community Pharmacy Programs
PGY1 Community - L&S Pharmacy 64014 203015
PGY1 Community - Schnucks Pharmacy 64014 203021
PGY1 Community - Walgreens Pharmacy 64014 203022

PGY1 Pharmacy Programs

PGY1 Pharmacy - Dept. Health


PGY1 Pharmacy - Mercy Hospital 64004 186013
PGY1 Pharmacy - VA Health Care 64800 249513

PGY2 Programs
PGY2 Ambulatory Care - Dept. Health


PGY2 Ambulatory Care - St. Mary's 64006 653065
PGY2 Infectious Diseases - VA Health Care 64023 707455
PGY2 Internal Medicine - VA Health Care 64450 598256