Cartwright Student Center

A Place to Work and Play

Students need a comfortable, safe, centrally located place where they can gather for study groups, social events or just to unwind. At St. Louis College of Pharmacy, the Cartwright Student Center is part of this campus life. The center is large enough, at 23,000 square feet, that students can find a quiet corner to themselves while others meet together for group work or social activities. Consider it the “campus living room.” Located just across the central quadrangle from the Residence Hall, the student center contains a number of comfortable lounge areas, a large multipurpose room and a student conference room.

A Taste of Student Center Life

Just what happens in the Cartwright Student Center? Students, faculty, and staff regularly gather here for a wide array of events and activities. This is the place for the annual Mardi Gras Breakfast, American Pharmacists Month activities, career fairs, speaking engagements, club meetings, and family weekend events.   

Cartwright Student Center

Another popular feature of the Cartwright Student Center is the Fitness Center, where students can workout on treadmills and enjoy Yoga or Zumba classes.