Mortarmer McPestle ("Morty" for short) is a Eutectic and St. Louis College of Pharmacy's beloved mascot.

Mortarmer McPestle ("Morty" for short) is a Eutectic and St. Louis College of Pharmacy's beloved mascot. “A Eutectic?” you ask. “What’s that?” Trust us, as a STLCOP student, you’ll soon be very familiar with the term. “Eutectic” describes the scientific process of two solids being combined to form a liquid.  A common term in pharmacy, it’s the perfect metaphor for STLCOP's intercollegiate athletic program – combining athletics and academics.

Morty was thrilled to be named 20th on Frito Lay’s 2012 list of the “Top 25 Cheesiest Mascots.” He shared honors with the likes of the Fighting Pickle, Gladys the Fighting Squirrel, Otto the Orange and SuperFrog. Morty always stands proud and greets STLCOP fans and athletes with his famous “cheesy” grin.

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Future Pharmacists on the Field

Exercise is important to a healthy life. Social activity relieves stress. And STLCOP athletics brings these benefits together, providing our students with a healthy and fun way to show school pride at sporting events across the region. STLCOP participates in National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA)sports as a member of the American Midwest Conference. Teams include men’s and women’s basketball, soccer, cross country, track and field, and tennis as well as women’s volleyball and softball.
  • For students who don’t want to compete regionally but do want to experience the fun, social and health benefits of a team sport, our intramural sports program is the perfect solution. Choices include flag football, co-ed volleyball, indoor soccer, basketball and golf.
  • Students looking for even more options can join one of the College’s many club sports. Created by students for students, clubs include cycling, dance, golf, indoor soccer, roller hockey and slow-pitch softball. And if you want to create a new club with students who share your interests (hiking, anyone?), simply call our athletic director, Jill Harter, to create another club.
  • Maybe you’re most interested in cheering for your friends and classmates who play for STLCOP. In that case, the Eutectic Booster Club is for you! Members enjoy free admission to home games and tournaments, invitations to special events, and other booster club benefits.