Becoming Part of the STLCOP Community

Admission to STLCOP’s seven-year doctor of pharmacy degree program is competitive, but we encourage those students who meet our admission requirements to consider applying. Our direct-entry program means that students are admitted for the program’s duration, assuming all academic requirements are met. There is no need to apply for a “pre-pharmacy” curriculum and then apply again for entrance into the professional portion of the program. A foundation in the arts and sciences sets the stage for increasingly specialized courses and lab experiences.  

Move In

  • Consider a campus tour to get a better sense of what STLCOP campus life and classes are like. To see what STLCOP has to offer and where our students live, call the Office of Enrollment Services at 314.367.8700 ext. 8328 (or toll free at 800.2.STLCOP) or via email at to arrange a personalized campus visit.
  • Because so many high-school students seek admission to STLCOP, we offer an early decision option. This option allows students to make an early commitment to attending STLCOP if they meet all admission requirements. For those who are certain that they want to choose STLCOP, the early decision process can help ensure a position in the first-year class.
  • Beginning in 2014, students will earn a Bachelor of Science degree after completing four years of study. This degree indicates that the student has completed strong math and science preparation along with a well-rounded education in the arts, humanities, and social and behavioral sciences.  

Are You Ready?

If you’re ready to apply, it’s time to take the next step. Learn how to apply and start the journey now.

Transfer students may enroll in either the first year of the professional program or the sophomore or junior year of the pre-professional program depending on the coursework they have already taken. Transfer students may gain admission if space is available and they meet all relevant admission requirements.