What It Takes

St. Louis College of Pharmacy welcomes about 250 first-year students every fall. They are chosen from more than 600 applicants. You can do the math. This is a competitive program. However, for students who are determined, committed and academically strong, STLCOP offers an outstanding education and graduates many of tomorrow’s leaders in the pharmacy profession. Admission to STLCOP is based on several factors. Requirements include: 

                • Three years of high school science, including biology/lab and chemistry/lab

                • Four years of high school math, including algebra I, algebra II and geometry

                • Four years of high school English

                • A cumulative high school grade-point average of at least 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale)

                • High school class rank in the top half of the graduating class

                • A minimum ACT composite score of 23 and/or SAT combined score of 1110 (minimum ACT math sub score of 24; minimum sub score of 21 for English, science and reading)

In addition, we strongly recommend:

                • One unit of physics

                • Additional units in subjects listed above

                • Additional math and science courses.

  • When applying, please follow admission instructions and deadlines carefully. Late applications may not receive consideration, and all required materials must be submitted in order to complete your file for review.

Check It Off

Organization is key to success in college and beyond. As a successful high school student, you probably already learned the importance of “making a list and checking it twice.” To help begin your admissions process for the St. Louis College of Pharmacy, we have a checklist prepared for your use.

STLCOP accepts dual college credit non-science courses in which the student earned a grade of C or better. Advanced Placement (AP) classes must have a minimum score of 3, except for calculus and AP English Language and Composition, which require a minimum score of 4.