A Successful Formula

St. Louis College of Pharmacy engages the community by forming partnerships which enrich the region and the health care community, as well as our students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The College has active partnerships with many organizations, but students get their hands messiest at the Saint Louis Science Center.Science Center

Most Fridays during the school year, STLCOP students work in the Life Science Lab Classroom at the Science Center as part of their coursework and introductory pharmacy practice experience. They interact with visitors in a number of activities related to pharmacy and health. The most popular exhibit engages the center’s youngest visitors in combining corn starch, water, and food dye to create “mucus.” College students use this fun, hands-on activity to explain how asthma and infections affect the lungs and make it difficult to breathe.

Students also demonstrate how pharmacists compound medicine by helping children grind up candy with a mortar and pestle. They take the powder, create capsules, and then dissolve them in bowls of vinegar to simulate stomach digestion. STLCOP students also emphasize poison prevention by helping children identify the difference between medicine and candy, as well as talk about safe and environmentally responsible ways to dispose of medicine.

“These activities engage the children,” says Amy Tiemeier, associate director of experiential programs and assistant professor of pharmacy practice. “You can see how the lesson creates connections in the children’s heads. The students also learn a valuable lesson about interacting with patients.”