Ceremony Tickets

Each guest attending Commencement will be required to present a ticket. Tickets are allotted to students, who may also request additional and overflow tickets through a lottery system. Children under the age of three that will be sitting on a lap and not using a seat do not need a ticket.

For the 2018 Commencement, students receiving Doctors of Pharmacy will be allotted eight tickets and students receiving Bachelors of Science will be allotted four tickets.

Ticket Request Process

After March 1, students who completed the graduation application will receive a link to claim tickets. Students who do not need all of their tickets may decline some or all of the tickets allotted to them. 

Students who need more tickets may request additional tickets during a second round of distribution. The number of additional tickets available will be determined based on the number of students who claim or decline their tickets.

Special Seating Accommodations

Special seating for guests with disabilities will be provided at on-campus events and at the Peabody. To ensure that seating is available to everyone in need of accommodations, only the guest in need and one additional friend or family member may be seated in the special seating area.

Students with guests in need of special seating accommodations should contact commencement@stlcop.edu and provide the name of the individual(s) in need of disability seating. We will coordinate with the Peabody Opera House to make sure that guest needs are accommodated.