Choose a Roommate

Students living in the Residence Hall may request a roommate they already know or choose to be matched with a roommate based on a compatibility profile that each student fills out and makes accessible to other students to view and compare. To help make sure you are paired with your most desired roommate, please follow the steps below.

  • Submit your profile online.
  • Scan profiles for possible roommates. You will receive the required password during orientation.
  • E-mail anyone with whom you might want to live.
  • If you find a match, both you and your chosen roommate must fill out the Roommate Request form to officially submit the request. Only mutual requests can be honored so you BOTH must fill out the form.
  • Letters confirming your room and roommate will be sent to your permanent home address in late July/early August.

For more information about the roommate selection process, please contact Anne Brackett, residence life coordinator at 314.446.8354.