Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are subject to change.


Total tuition, per semester, varies according to the program level.

  • Undergraduate program: $13,700 per semester
  • Professional program: $16,247 per semester

The individual credit hour rate applies to courses in excess of 18 credit hours, less than 12 credit hours, and summer session courses:

  • Undergraduate program: $914 per credit hour
  • Professional program: $1,084 per credit hour

Student Fees

  • Student Activity Fee: $100 per semester
  • Student Health and Wellness Fee: $60 per semester
  • Professional Program Fee: $30 per semester
  • New Student Orientation Program (freshmen): $300 per year
  • New Student Orientation Program (transfer students): $150 per year
  • Graduation Fee (P4 only): $510
  • Student Library and Access Pharmacy (P1-P4): $83 per year
  • Technology Fee (freshmen and sophomores): $400 per semester
  • Personal Protective Equipment (freshmen): $40 per year
  • Professional Orientation Book (P1 only): $10
  • Student Health Insurance: $1,800 per semester (estimate only)
  • Parking Fees:
    • Duncan Garage: $375 per semester
    • STLCOP Garage: $450 per semester
  • Summer Parking Fees:
    • Duncan Garage (summer): $25 per week
    • STLCOP Garage (summer): $35 per week

Room and Board

New Students

Accepted students who submit an enrollment deposit will receive a Residence Hall housing application. Please return the completed application along with a security deposit of $150, which will be refunded when the student vacates the room, provided there is no damage.

Returning Students

Students who lived in Residence Hall during the previous academic year must submit the $100 room deposit along with their completed housing contract to secure housing. This deposit is refunded only with a written housing cancellation postmarked prior to June 1.

Current Housing Fees and Meal Plans

  • Residence Hall Shared Room: $5,880 per academic year
  • Declining Balance Meal Plan (required for freshmen): $5,021 per academic year
  • Residence Hall Suite Single Room: $6,936 per academic year
  • Declining Balance Meal Plan Option 1 (for returning students): $4,135 per academic year
  • Declining Balance Meal Plan Option 2 (for returning students): $5,021 per academic year
  • Summer Residence Hall Fee: $180 weekly

Overhead costs (e.g., utilities, maintenance, supplies, etc.) will be deducted from board fees.