Making Payments Convenient and Affordable

Almost all students at St. Louis College of Pharmacy receive at least one form of financial aid, and we work with students and families to obtain this aid and make paying for college easy, convenient, and affordable. We don’t want anyone to miss the opportunity to earn a degree from St. Louis College of Pharmacy due to financial constraints.

Deferred Payment Plan: A Flexible Budget Option 

STLCOP offers a deferred payment plan, which allows students to pay for their per-semester costs via four monthly payments. Twenty-five percent of the total tuition, fees, and housing costs for the semester is due two weeks prior to the start of the semester. The remaining 75 percent is paid in three installments.

PDF Sample Deferred Payment Plan Download a Sample Deferred Payment Plan

Fall Payment Schedule

  • Payment 1: Due two weeks prior to the start of the semester
  • Payment 2: September 15
  • Payment 3: October 15
  • Payment 4: November 15

Spring Payment Schedule

  • Payment 1: Due two weeks prior to the start of the semester
  • Payment 2: February 15
  • Payment 3: March 15
  • Payment 4: April 15

It is the student’s responsibility to make sure payments are remitted on time. If a payment is not made, a finance charge of one percent per month for the unpaid balance will be assessed, with a minimum charge of $15. 


  • Tuition and fees are refunded on a prorated basis during regular fall and spring semesters if a student withdraws from STLCOP.
  • Summer session tuition and fees are refunded on a prorated basis after the second day of the session.
  • No refunds are granted after 60 percent of the regular semester or summer session has elapsed.
  • Tuition refunds are based on the documented last date of attendance listed on the Student Withdrawal Form.
  • Title IV Financial Aid refunds will also be calculated based upon the last date of attendance.

Housing Contract Cancellation

Residence Hall contracts cover the entire academic year (both fall and spring semesters) and can be canceled only in the event of enrollment termination or marriage. The procedure is as follows:

  • Request for housing contract cancellation must be submitted in writing to the director of facilities operations.
  • If contract cancellation is approved, a refund will be made on a prorated basis.
  • No refunds are granted after 60 percent of the semester has elapsed.
  • If payments are being made under the deferred payment plan and the refundable amount, based on the above schedule, is less than the unpaid balance, the difference is due to the College.
  • The amount of the refund will be applied to any outstanding obligation due to the College before a refund check is authorized.

Refund of Fees

Refunds for miscellaneous fees are processed as follows:

  • STLCOP application fee and student activities fee are nonrefundable.
  • All tuition, except for a deposit fee of $300, will be refunded if a written cancellation is received by the dean between May 1 and the first day of classes. The dean must approve the withdrawal and refund request. (In the absence of this approval, the student will receive failing grades in all courses taken that semester.)
  • Any appeal of the dean’s decision must be submitted in writing within 15 days of the dean's written notice to the student regarding approval or non-approval of the student's withdrawal request. Upon receiving a request, a hearing with the College's Executive Committee will be scheduled.