Kenneth Schafermeyer ’76, a health care economist, professor of pharmacy administration, and director of international initiatives at the College, was the 2012 winner of the Joe E. Haberle Outstanding Educator Award.

2012 Joe E. Haberle Outstanding Educator Award winner

Kenneth Schafermeyer ’76, a health care economist, professor of pharmacy administration, and director of international initiatives at the College, was the

Ken Schafermeyer
Kenneth Schafermeyer

2012 winner of the Joe E. Haberle Outstanding Educator Award.

Schafermeyer says watching students make new connections encourages him to excel as an educator. “I like to see light bulbs going off [in student minds],” Schafermeyer says. “I see them making a connection suddenly, and then become excited about something.”

An alumnus of St. Louis College of Pharmacy and now a two-time winner of the Outstanding Educator Award, Schafermeyer earned a master’s in pharmacy administration from the University of Tennessee and a doctorate in pharmacy administration from Purdue University. Schafermeyer says his mission at STLCOP is to “help students understand the big picture, to see how systems work, to manage systems to get things done.”

Schafermeyer’s mission regularly takes him overseas. He has participated in or led 15 global village missions for Habitat for Humanity International, and last spring worked with STLCOP colleagues and students to improve drug delivery services for AIDS patients in Swaziland, Africa.

The trips show students the impact they can have in their communities, and around the world, while teaching them the vital role compassion and understanding play in pharmacy. They’re lessons Schafermeyer strives to live. “I hope they [students] say I care; I hope they say I treat them like colleagues,” he says. “That’s important. I know they’re students and they have a role to play, but they are members of the profession already.”

The STLCOP Joe E. Haberle Outstanding Educator Award

Amid all the discussion surrounding America’s health care system, one thing is clear: It’s changing, fast. St. Louis College of Pharmacy is changing right along with it, evolving to respond to the growing demand for patient-centered care and community access. It’s one reason we’ve decided to expand our Doctor of Pharmacy program from six to seven years starting in 2014, is that we want to give students more time to learn what they need to know to ensure the best health outcomes and make a difference in patients’ lives.

STLCOP relies on a roster of dedicated faculty members to instill both the professional skills and the values such a fast-changing health care environment requires. It’s a demanding as well as rewarding task. So each year, we take the time to recognize a faculty member who has shown remarkable commitment to educational excellence with the STLCOP Joe E. Haberle Outstanding Educator Award, selected through a process hosted by the Student Alumni Association (SAA) and Student Body Union (SBU) and sponsored by our Alumni Association.

The 2015 recipient is Dennis Doyle.

STLCOP’s Outstanding Educators

Arthur Zimmer received the first Outstanding Educator Award on record in 1970. Since then, we have bestowed the award upon:

  • Thomas Lackner - 1983
  • Bruce Phillips - 1984
  • Evelyn Becker ’88/’93 - 1988
  • Terry Martinez - 1989
  • Joe Haberle - 1990
  • Rodney Cooper - 1991
  • Evelyn Becker ’88/’93 - 1992
  • Joe Haberle - 1993
  • Michel Cloutier - 1994
  • Lucia Tranel - 1995
  • Kenneth Schafermeyer ’76 - 1996
  • Robert Zebroski - 1997
  • Joe Haberle - 1998
  • Rasma Chereson - 1999
  • David Ritchie - 2000
  • John Burke - 2001
  • Jennifer Kasiar Whaley ’95 - 2002
  • Margaret Weck - 2003
  • Joe Haberle - 2004
  • Lucia Tranel - 2005
  • Richard McCall - 2006
  • Theresa Laurent - 2007
  • Evelyn Becker ’88/’93 - 2008
  • Zachary Stacy ’02/’03 - 2009
  • John Beale - 2010
  • Amie McCord Brooks ’99/’00 - 2011
  • Kenneth Schafermeyer ’76 - 2012
  • Tricia Berry '94/'95 - 2013
  • Brenda Walter - 2014
  • Dennis Doyle - 2015

Award Criteria

Each year, the Alumni Association recognizes a faculty member who:

  • Is enthusiastic about his or her work
  • Provides perspectives that respect diverse views
  • Creates a climate conducive to learning
  • Is attentive, responsive, and available to students
  • Treats students with respect and sees them as individuals
  • Projects a positive attitude about students' abilities to learn
  • Uses innovative teaching techniques

To be eligible for this award, the faculty member cannot have won the award within the past five years. Nominations are open to all faculty members who have taught at the College for a minimum of two years.

Voters include STLCOP students and faculty members, as well as alumni who have graduated within the last two years. The nominees who receive the highest number of votes then participate in an interview process led by the Alumni Association and the STLCOP Student Body Union.

The recipient receives an award, monetary stipend, and reserved parking space in the College's garage.