Liberal Arts Convocations

The Liberal Arts (LA) Convocations series provides the entire St. Louis College of Pharmacy community with intellectually and culturally edifying experiences in the humanities and liberal arts to enrich, complement, and extend the reach and value of its professionally-focused degree programs.

LAC Schedule: Humble Healing (Spring '17)

*At-large event (carries LAC credit but organized and produced by other offices)

Attendance Policies

Students who enrolled as undergraduates in Fall 2015 (or after) must attend at least two Liberal Arts Convocations per semester (for a minimum total of four per year) throughout their undergraduate careers at STLCOP (at least 16 total for traditional four-year students). Students may earn up to three attendance credits per semester.

Students who enrolled as traditional first-years or freshmen before Fall 2015 (and who have stayed on track within the old six-year curriculum) must attend at least six LA Convocations to graduate. Students who transferred into the program prior to Fall 2015 do not need to attend LA Convocations to graduate.  (Though we hope they will attend some for pure enjoyment!’)

If it is important to you to receive credit for attending a certain event, be sure to speak to a STLCOP faculty or staff mamber at that event who can (if necessary) vouch for your attendance.  Unfortunately, students' card swipes do not always register, so (in this event) you must have independent verification to receive credit.  (See "Track Your Attendance" below.)

Track Your Attendance

To check your LA Convocation attendance record, please use the Student Convocation Tracker to log in and check the events for which you have already earned credit.

If you have questions about your record after you have checked it, please inquire in person with Liberal Arts Admin. Assistant Audrey Dewes. The online records represent our best information about your attendance; if this information does not match your personal records, then you may do the following:

  • Ask a member of the STLCOP faculty or staff to independently verify your attendance at an event. If a STLCOP employee (not a fellow student) contacts us to verify your attendance at a Convocations-certified event which does not appear in your on-line record, then we can add it to your tally. If you would like to appeal for credit without independent faculty/staff verification, please contact Arts & Sciences Dean Kim Kilgore.
  • Attend upcoming LA Convocations to satisfy your requirement. Every semester includes a minimum of five events for which you can earn credit.


Please e-mail Dr. Brian Walter, Director of Convocations, at