St. Louis College of Pharmacy’s four academic departments—Basic Sciences, Liberal Arts, Pharmaceutical and Administrative Sciences, and Pharmacy Practice—integrate the sciences and liberal arts with a professional curriculum and introductory and advanced pharmacy practice experiences. The departments work together to prepare students to become leaders in the pharmacy profession and their communities.

Students spend their first three years at the College taking pre-professional courses in Basic Sciences, Liberal Arts, and Pharmaceutical and Administrative Sciences. Extensive studies in biological and physical sciences these first three years provide the foundation for learning the pharmaceutical and clinical sciences, including properties of drugs and their medicinal effects. Students also learn to appreciate the complexity of the world around them, they develop an appreciation for self, life, and culture, as well as empathy and compassion for the needs of others.

Beginning in the fourth year, students take courses in Pharmacy Practice. Included in the required coursework are introductory and advanced pharmacy practice experiences, which expose students to various practice settings and teach them basic and advanced patient care practice skills. In their final year, students work with pharmacists during eight five-week rotations at pharmacy sites across the country.