Critical Issue 2: Research and Scholarship

How does STLCOP develop and advance a research and scholarship agenda that meets the needs of the institution and the community?

Develop a collaborative center for drug research.
  • Develop a comprehensive plan to establish a center for drug research, the specific focus of which is to be determined after further analysis.
  • Identify and develop the appropriate educational programs (i.e., STLCOP’s and other institutions’ graduate degree programs) that would be incorporated into the offerings of the center for drug research.
Develop a center for patient education and health literacy.
  • Conduct a market analysis to identity areas of sustainable success and use this information to develop the conceptual framework of the center.
  • Identify partners for collaboration and identify funding sources.
  • Develop unique areas of focus to establish a niche in this area.
  • Determine best practices for disseminating information about STLCOP health literacy programs to raise community and academic awareness.
Develop a center of health professions education.
  • Complete an analysis of education centers at colleges of pharmacy, medicine, nursing and other health professions.
  • Re-establish the Pedagogical Research Group as a standing faculty committee with annual charges.
  • Establish a collaboration with a local institution’s school or department of education to support efforts in educational research.
  • Establish an annual summer teaching workshop/symposium on campus.
  • Become a national leader in developing current and future health professions educators.
Support areas of research and scholarship that capitalize on the interests and expertise of faculty and are aligned with the College’s mission.
  • Develop the infrastructure to support STLCOP research initiatives.
  • Publicize the areas of research and scholarship that are occurring among our faculty to promote the success and growth of these programs.
  • Create other centers based on relevance and demand.