Critical Issue 5: Community Engagement

How does STLCOP partner with the community to enrich the community, the College, and students, faculty, staff, and alumni?

Highlight, communicate, and advance our strategic brand in the community.
  • Determine and establish the STLCOP brand locally, regionally, nationally, and globally.
  • Establish the infrastructure, and create and implement a marketing plan that is integrated across the campus and community.
Strategically increase the College’s visibility and impact in the community.
  • Complete an assessment of potential community outreach/engagement priorities and partnerships.
  • Create and implement an evaluation system to optimize outreach activities.
  • Create meaningful partnerships with institutions, organizations, practitioners, and alumni to improve health outcomes in the community.
Leverage academic partnerships to advance interprofessional education, research, service, and practice by involving students, faculty, staff , and alumni.
  • Complete an assessment to determine opportunities with potential partners based on strengths.
  • Develop one or more initiatives, that are mutually beneficial, to leverage our academic partnerships.