Phase I Construction

The new academic and research building and library is located on the east side of campus along Taylor Avenue. The 213,000 square-foot building provides state-of-the-art facilities for instruction, research, and collaborative learning.

Phase I Features

The building includes:

  • 92 offices
  • 53 workstations
  • 5 teaching labs
  • 16,500 square feet of research labs
  • 33,000-square-foot library
  • 400-seat auditorium
  • (2) 250-seat classrooms
  • (10) 30-seat classrooms
  • 7 conference rooms

The building also features a new welcome center for prospective students and their families, a wall feature composed of the recycled gym floor from the former student center, forum and gathering spaces, an outdoor reception space, and study spaces accessible to students 24/7.

The building opened in summer 2015. The project was financed with the support of donors, including alumni and friends of the College.

The College chose Cannon Design as its architectural firm. St. Louis-based Paric Corporation managed construction.

Floor Plans

First Floor Second Floor Third Floor
Phase 1 Floorplan: First Floor Phase I Floorplan: Second Floor Phase I Floorplan: Third Floor
Fourth Floor Fifth Floor Sixth Floor
Phase I Floorplan: Fourth Floor Phase I Floorplan: Fifth Floor Phase I Floorplan: Sixth Floor

Phase I Floorplan Key