International Opportunities

At St. Louis College of Pharmacy, we take a broader view of the world. As a pharmacist, you will have the ability to impact patients and society at home and abroad, and we’ll make sure you’re prepared academically, professionally and personally.

Expanding Horizons

Throughout the program, we focus on cultural awareness and the importance of interacting with people from diverse backgrounds. It makes our students better health care providers – and truly educated people.

From working in Swaziland (a small African country facing an HIV/AIDS epidemic) to working alongside researchers at our partner institutions, everything we do is focused on educating world-class pharmacists who will positively impact their patients and communities. As a student, you will have the opportunity to give back, serve and lead—both at home and abroad.

Leading At Home and Abroad

The Office of International Programs offers opportunities for you to travel and provide patient-centered care through APPE rotations in countries around the world.

Students have completed thousands of hours of service and traveled more than 205,000 miles to provide patient care abroad.